We clean water of the world.



On the earth in which we live, a variety of microbes which are not seen exist in eyes everywhere, and it is serving to maintain pure environment.
a tapir — there is work to which rapid activity of the disintegration of a microbe is carried out in CHA by contacting with the microbe in environment.
a tapir — CHA itself does not contain a microbe and it is a catalyst of the useful microbe activation in environment, and a thing like the explosive of a good bacillus so to speak.
a tapir — by practical use of CHA, it becomes solvable [ various environmental problems, such as water pollution and soil pollution, ].


■Water quality purification  (Water quality improvement of a river, a lake, and a reservoir, septic tank processing )
■Ground improvement (Soil improvements, such as organic agriculture and natural cultivation )■Odor control (Measures against a bad smell, such as a dipping-up type toilet and a septic tank )

Water purification technology utilizing BAKTURE is,Authorization registration is carried out at the environmental technology database of (UNIDO) of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

【About active water (Reference)】
There is work to let “the active water” which stabilized bioenvironment after having purified BAKTURE activate the function of microbe. In us, I work on the cultured business of the eel other than a deodorant, a plant growth accelerant, a health food using this active water.

The mechanism of an environmental improvement

The environmental improvement due to the BAKTURE makes use of natural original power to the maximum, and a way of thinking called (Back to The Nature) recurring in a natural original beautiful figure lays the foundation.
Please imagine the scenery of the clear stream flowing through the heart of a mountain. The water clears up and does not have any problem even if I just drink. The soil is rich, and the plants grow thick powerfully. The air is clean, and there are no unpleasant smells entirely. In this way, it is provided with adjustability, resilience originally to make fertile, clean environment for a circulation cycle provided naturally, and to keep it. And it is the resolution action due to the microbe to become the starting point of this circulation cycle.


However, this circulation cycle does not function for some kind of causes or the resolution action due to the microbe cannot catch up with pollution when I largely surpass processing capacity. Environmental problems such as the issue of water pollution, soil pollution, odor occur and in this way have various adverse effects on our living and health not to mention other animals and plants.


I do not recover for the circulation cycle of nature if I do not hang long time of several years on a premise to control the inflow of the further pollutant more when an environmental problem occurs once.

I cannot wait so for years. I want to realize improvement visible in a short term.
Besides, an effect is easily … with a thing lasting long more at low cost.


It is a BAKTURE to meet the request of such all of you.

The function of microbe which becomes the starting point of the purification cycle of nature by spending a BAKTURE activates it. By an activated useful microbe, the resolution of the existing organic matter and pollutant advances rapidly excessively during environment. Besides, there is a special good point that an effect lasts a long time even if I do not maintain it by a purification cycle reviving.




Applied technology research

There is the essence of the BAKTURE in “letting the function of microbe have rapid activity by contacting microbes in environment”. BAKTURE in itself functions as a catalyst of useful microbe activation in environment not the thing including the microbe.
The possibility of various applied technologies is thought about without making use of this characteristic, and remaining in environmental problem improvement and pushes forward research and development while cooperating with the outside engine.


バクチャーの水質浄化に関する報告書】 明治大学農学部 米山勝美





About safety

100% of natural material that the BAKTURE assumes porous lapilli a main material. I do not use the special chemicals and outpatient department microbe at all. Not to mention environment, it is demonstrated that it is a safe technique relief in an animal and a plant, the human body.




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